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  • 空路、海路、陸路多様な交通ネットワークを整備、スピーディな配送が実現可能。
    Develop air routes, sea roads, and various transportation networks,Speedy delivery can be realized.

Company Profile

Greetings From The President

Dongguan yongtai Craft Gift Co.,Ltd.was established in 2008 and is a gift company that integrates production and international trade. The head office is Dongguan yongtai Craft Gift Co.,Ltd. (Miscellaneous Goods Division), Shenzhen City and Guangzhou City are about 40 minutes by car, and transportation is convenient. From a variety of items such as novelties and promotional items, souvenirs, events and concert goods, campaign goods, magazine appendices, acrylic products, key chains, etc., select materials and genres according to customer needs and concepts. We produce goods that increase the value of companies and brands.

As the number of various overseas customers increases, we can respond to orders from a wide range of industries according to customer needs. Even if the products cannot be handled at our own factory and we receive help from our cooperating factories, we always inspect them in-house to ensure quality.


The product has passed the inspection of ROHS, SGS toluene-free, phthalate-free, EN71, etc. From the beginning, we have achieved international standard standards, constantly improving the craft design of our products, and pursuing perfection. Products are exported to major markets such as the United States and Japan. With the management policy of "We will do our best to develop together and create success together", we will manufacture and guarantee the delivery strictly according to the customer's request. It has been well received by many customers for its elaborate design, new and beautiful colors, vibrant colors, and environmental friendliness.

Company name:  Dongguan yongtai Craft Gift Co.,Ltd.

Capital: 6 million RMB

Year of establishment: 2008

Business Content

Our company itself is a zinc alloy die casting machine, color difference machine, resin injection molding machine,

Because we have equipment such as PVC resin molding equipment, acrylic cutting machine, inkjet printing machine, etc.

These products can be manufactured and manufactured in-house, and technical support can be realized.

With the above ability, fashion miscellaneous goods, novelty goods, character goods, for the Japanese market,

Manufacturing of all genres such as capsule toys, event products, sports-related goods, etc.

We are entrusted with.

In addition, wooden products, silicone rubber molding, figure modeling, apparel / textile,

There are many excellent cooperating factories for PVC high frequency welder processing.

In the lineup

Award medals, rubber straps, key chains, badge pins, magnets, stand figures,

Charm markers, tote bags, building blocks toys, coasters, T-shirts and hoodies, towels and blankets

There are smartphone rings, pass cases, pouches, mirrors, silicone bands, clips, etc.

Cooperative factories: There are more than 80 factories mainly in China, Dongguan City, and Shenzhen City.

Strengths And Characteristics

● We can accept orders for small lots, many types, and short delivery times according to customer requests.

Meet various and diverse needs, depending on the production capacity of our own factory and affiliated factories

We have a flexible response system in place, so please leave everything to us for manufacturing!

As for the mailing method, forwarders (air, sea, land),

Speedy delivery is possible in cooperation with international courier service (OCS).

● We support manufacturing with excellent comprehensive strength of "proposal", "production", "quality" and "delivery time".

We have accumulated many achievements by pursuing thorough management of "proposal", "production" and "quality" for many years.

In partnership with excellent in-house production factories and numerous cooperating factories,

We are constantly pursuing quality commitment and responsibility.

We always give top priority to "delivery time".

We understand how important "delivery time" is in our work with manufacturers.

● Integrated production at our own factory and centralized management of OEM operations

At our own factory, from 3D drawing production to trial production, prototype / mold production, coloring,

An integrated production control system from assembly to inspection and packaging is perfect.

Quotation, ordering, ordering materials, arranging samples, production, shipping, delivery

We have a centralized management system for OEM operations.

● We are aiming for a higher level of communication skills.

Employees who have studied abroad in Japan and have experience as full-time employees have joined the company.

Utilizing the communication ability to convey attractively to the other party,

We are trying to respond more accurately and promptly.


We will actively work on SDGs and help with manufacturing and manufacturing.

・ Collaboration with domestic and overseas ethical partner companies

・ Actively use environmentally friendly materials

・ Use recyclable and energy-saving office supplies

・ To be a company that understands the meaning of sustainability and contributes to a sustainable future

"We also have a rich lineup of novelty goods that can contribute to the SDGs!"

We have prepared a large number of items that can be selected according to the purpose and purpose, such as daily miscellaneous goods using recycled materials that can reduce the burden on the global environment.

Why don't you use items that can contribute to the achievement of the goal of SDGs in sales promotion activities? "

Product Example ①

Although the material of the straw is generally assumed to be plastic.

We are engaged in the manufacture of straws using recycled paper. We advocate the spirit of SDGs to the world.


Product Example ②

Egg packs are made from recycled paper and can be decomposed even if they are discarded, so reduce the burden on the environment.


Business philosophy

1.Make every effort to keep the customer first and take care of the whole process with satisfaction.

What is our management style at the root of Yongtai? When all the employees thought, the keyword "love" came out.
A goods production project that share the love of brands and users that customers have, and love for society. An organization system in which friends cooperate with love and grow as a team.

We value "love" in all of the corporate activities and build a "loving society". This is what Yongtai shares with all employees and value the most.

2.Professional, meticulous, warm and considerate, honest service, and customer-centric.

3.Advocate first-class service, build a first-class enterprise and build a first-class image.

4.Create social value and realize self appreciation.

Only by creating value for guests and society can we realize the withdrawal of self value. It is the source of our Yongtai people's beliefs and actions.

5.Product quality, service, innovation, sustainable management and humanization.

The guarantee of quality, the standardization of service, continuous innovation and creation, and the humanization of management are one of our bottom strengths and fundamental vitality.

6.Attitude writes everything, and details determine success or failure.
Details begin with plans, which are also important details.

7.In unity there is strength.

With the development of society, the cooperation between people is more extensive in content, forms and scope. Especially today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the amount of knowledge and information has greatly increased, and the social division of labor has become more detailed. The completion of a task is bound to be the result of cooperation.
8.To attract customers from all over the world and build Juxin Foundation.

Thank you for your trust. Your trust is our greatest motivation. I sincerely hope that you and your company can achieve greater success.