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  • 空路、海路、陸路多様な交通ネットワークを整備、スピーディな配送が実現可能。
    Develop air routes, sea roads, and various transportation networks,Speedy delivery can be realized.

Wood Products

  • Building Blocks, Wooden, Child, Toy, Charm

    Building Blocks, Wooden, Child, Toy, Charm

    Goodness of wooden toys

    Wooden toys can inspire children’s interests and foster infants’ rational combination awareness and spatial imagination. Skillful tractor design trains children’s walking ability and encourages children’s sense of creative achievement.

    Warning: Danger of suffocation. Small parts-Do not use for children under 3 years old. Babies under the age of 3 only play under the supervision of their parents. We guarantee a 100% refund for any quality issues. If you have any problems, we will handle them within 24 hours.