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PVC rubber doll,Doll keyring, Cartoon,Doll keychain

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Product Name PVC rubber doll
Material PVC rubber
Reference price


Make less orders 500PCS
Delivery date 3 days delivery
Place of production made in China
Other Including packaging

Why PU leather products are suitable as promotional gifts

PVC doll, to put it bluntly, takes the high quality characteristics of PVC doll soft glue as raw materials, and uses the characteristics of PVC doll to make PVC doll products such as ornaments and gifts. With the development of society, PVC doll decoration has more and more functions and uses, but PVC doll decoration has not appeared in the market for a long time.

PVC rubber doll,Doll keyring, Cartoon,Doll keychain

In a twinkling of an eye, it became an instant gift made of PVC dolls, just like a familiar key ring. A long time ago, PVC doll gifts entered the sales market and were recognized by the vast majority of people. With more and more PVC doll gifts on the market, PVC doll wallet and PVC doll bracelet are always on the sales market of PVC doll gifts, shouldn't they?

Maybe not. This PVC soft glue gift is only a partial one. Simply introduce the whole process of PVC doll gift in detail. Do you know who it is suitable for? Don't wait for yourself to surprise the other party. On the contrary, it is not good to surprise the other party.

PVC dolls were originally designed for beauty, such as perfume bottles of PVC dolls, cartoon shaped mobile phone cases, small and medium-sized PVC soft plastic purses, etc. The key features are small and exquisite, and the appearance design is beautiful and generous. Once again, according to the packaging, printing, glue drop and other processing techniques, the PVC soft glue gift is very beautiful and has won the favor of many beauty ladies! With the development of commodities, the practical effect of decoration design is very good.

PVC rubber doll,Doll keyring, Cartoon,Doll keychain

The design styles of PVC doll soft glue products are diverse. The appearance has already begun to appear, and many boys have also begun to see the clue. Its functions have also been accepted and loved by many people. Its development and design present the same male items, such as eyeglass boxes, watch chains, steering wheel covers, etc. There are many children.

There are children in every room, and there are more things to look after children. PVC doll soft rubber bottle pacifier, PVC doll soft rubber spoon, PVC doll soft rubber children's bowl, PVC doll soft rubber youth bib, etc., from birth to 12 years old. There is no vivid description, from birth to adulthood in this process every age group is so! This kind of business can be given to others as a gift in large quantities.

PVC rubber doll,Doll keyring, Cartoon,Doll keychain

Manufacturing process

1. Open the mold, make corresponding renderings as required, use computer engraving, and open the corresponding mold.  

2. Color mixing: color mixing according to the design requirements, namely mixing PVC powder, vegetable oil, PVC oil, stabilizer and color paste to achieve the required color and hardness.  

3. To make goods, use a needle tube to inject raw materials at the corresponding position of the mold according to the drawings, and solidify the liquid materials on the mold testing table through high temperature (180-200 ℃) in layers. Generally, the number of baking times should be determined according to the product conditions. Cool the mold on a wet towel every time it is baked. Until the sample is finally taken out.  

4. For quality inspection and trimming, each product must be free of bubbles, trachomas, mixed colors, clean as a whole, and the rough edges must be carefully trimmed to meet the standard.

5. Install accessories according to the customer's product requirements, and complete the packaging before packing. 

6. Pack and deliver according to the specified requirements and weight.

PVC rubber doll,Doll keyring, Cartoon,Doll keychain
Material PVC rubber MOQ 300PCS
Design Customize Sample time 7 days
Colour Printing Production time 25 days
Size Customize Packing Customize
logo Customize Payment terms T/T (telegraphic transfer)
Origin China Down payment deposit 50%
Our advantage: Years of professional experience; integrated service from design to production; rapid response; good product management; quick production and proofing.


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