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  • 空路、海路、陸路多様な交通ネットワークを整備、スピーディな配送が実現可能。
    Develop air routes, sea roads, and various transportation networks,Speedy delivery can be realized.

Refrigerator magnet

  • Refrigerator magnet,Sticker,Custom magnets,Puzzle

    Refrigerator magnet,Sticker,Custom magnets,Puzzle

    The product materials for refrigerator stickers are various plus magnetic glue or magnet.
    Vivid and colorful.
    It can be pasted on the surface of any iron appliance with rich colors, long service life, convenient movement and free combination, avoiding the problem of glue traces. It can be pasted in cars, refrigerators, microwave ovens, wine cabinets, computer cases, etc. It has a wide range of use and is the best choice for business promotion.
    It is generally used in families, hotels, gift shops, etc.
    The refrigerator sticker is usually used for decoration, but also for making memos, that is, small notes. For example, when you buy vegetables or other foods in the refrigerator, you can write them down.
    Acrylic refrigerator sticker