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PU leather keychain,Leather wristlet keychain,Personalised keyring

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Product Name PU leather keychain
Material PU leather
Reference price


Make less orders 500PCS
Delivery date 35 days delivery
Place of production made in China
Other Including packaging

Why PU leather products are suitable as promotional gifts

In recent years, the market demand has been constantly improved and the demand for various types of products has been constantly improved. With the extensive development of PU leather products, their application fields have become wider and wider, and their products have become more and more. For example, key chain, luggage tag, coaster, watch strap, wrist strap, mobile phone pendant, etc., PU leather products have developed from the original single style to today's colorful, and each PU leather product reflects the classic and integrates the wisdom of the developers. The latest products of PU leather include PU leather card cases, PU leather wallets, PU leather trademarks, PU leather travel bags, etc. It has the characteristics of strong stereoscopic sense, soft and comfortable, beautiful and durable. It is a fashionable product integrating environmental protection, decoration and practicality.


As a company producing leather goods, leather goods company has a wide range of products, including wallets, certificate cases, briefcases, leather bags, leather shoes, belts, leather clothes and leather furniture such as leather sofas. Therefore, its business scope is relatively broad, and most leather companies produce products in a certain field precisely.

The quality of leather products is generally high. Because the leather raw materials have good water absorption, elasticity, etc., they are more suitable for people to use. And briefcases, wallets, leather shoes, etc. are essential products, so leather products have a broad consumer market.


Leather products have a long history of development and have been widely recognized and loved by people. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, leather products have won the attention and love of many consumers with their high quality, so leather products have a broad consumer market.

Finally, I would like to remind you that if you need to process leather products above, you must choose a professional leather company. Only in this way can you create high-quality products and meet the needs.



We will make a high -quality PU leather key holder using a high -quality PU leather that is closer to the skin, with the original design of your customer. It is also durable, and it can keep a beautiful condition for a long time because it is harder to get dirty than this skin product. We also have materials necessary for sales, so customers can sell them as original products just by submitting the design.

Material PU leather MOQ 300PCS
Design Customize Sample time 10 days
Colour Printing Production time 30 days
Size Customize Packing Customize
logo Customize Payment terms T/T (telegraphic transfer)
Origin China Down payment deposit 50%
Our advantage: Years of professional experience; integrated service from design to production; rapid response; good product management; quick production and proofing.

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