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Product Name Customized clothing
Material Pure cotton,Polyester
Reference price


Make less orders 500PCS
Delivery date 5 days delivery
Place of production made in China
Other Including packaging

1. Steps of T-shirt Customization

1. The t-shirt has always been one of the most popular clothes. Because of its various styles, varied colors, simple, beautiful and fashionable collocation, it is popular with the public. And because of the variety of t-shirt styles and the constant changes of the trend, the styles never go out of style, there are professional t-shirt customization manufacturers coming from them.

Paper clips, Bookmark, Clips
Paper clips, Bookmark, Clips

2. Fabric material, which is a very important factor. There are many kinds of materials for customized t-shirts. In short, they can be divided into pure cotton, polyester cotton and polyester yarn. Of course, the quality of cotton is better. Mainly reflected in sweat absorption, exhaust, anti pilling and other aspects.

3. Workmanship. Basically, the clothing industry has developed to the present, but there are also fine points. It mainly depends on the workers' proficiency in assembly line production.

Paper clips, Bookmark, Clips
Paper clips, Bookmark, Clips

4. Select the appropriate main color. Different people and groups should have their own theme colors. This color can fully consider the group logo, main color of products, target customer groups and other factors.

2. The development trend of T-shirt customization

1. Customized t-shirts can be seen everywhere in daily life and work. In the 21st century, custom t-shirts can almost be used as one of the civilization and benchmarks of social development. From the current global custom t-shirt industry and cultural development trend, the more economic freedom and cultural prosperity of the region, the greater the consumption of custom t-shirts.

Paper clips, Bookmark, Clips
Paper clips, Bookmark, Clips

2. The elements of customized t-shirt design become more and more unique, the design content of customized t-shirt becomes more innovative and personalized, and the customized t-shirt culture becomes more prosperous. No matter at home or abroad, it has gone far beyond the custom t-shirt itself. It is not only a casual wear with personal patterns, team image or personal clothes, but also a carrier to record life, show inspiration and vent passion for various designers.

Material Pure cotton,Polyester MOQ 500PCS
Design Customize Sample time 10 days
Colour Printing Production time 30 days
Size Customize Packing Customize
logo Customize Payment terms T/T (telegraphic transfer)
Origin China Down payment deposit 50%
Our advantage: Years of professional experience; integrated service from design to production; rapid response; good product management; quick production and proofing.

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