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    Develop air routes, sea roads, and various transportation networks,Speedy delivery can be realized.

What are the promotional gifts? These four points are very important!

Promotional small gifts are a very effective marketing method for businesses. They are presented with small cost gifts to attract customers to buy.

But why can’t some businesses give promotional gifts at all? Because these two conditions are not met: 1. differentiation; 2. Gift attraction.

Differentiation refers to giving different gifts according to consumers’ consumption. If some luck factors are involved, customers will be more respected.

For example, prizes are decided by lottery, and consumption is proportional to the number of lottery. According to psychological factors, most people will have a fluke mentality, and they can draw better prizes. This is why the “blind box” is so popular now. Periodical designated gifts can also have a differentiated effect.

Therefore, differentiation+psychological benefits will bring unexpected gains.


The key to the psychological benefits lies in the gift itself. The choice of promotional gifts is very important. How to choose promotional gifts?

1.The price range is appropriate

For businesses, price is an important factor in promoting gifts. The cost cannot be too high, but it cannot be too cheap.

The price of promotional gifts should be 0-30 yuan, and the price of high-level gifts can be appropriately increased. The price is too low, the quality of the gift itself is poor, it looks cheap, and it can’t attract customers. Too high will make it difficult to continue the activities after.

2.Practical value

Promotional gifts will pay more attention to practicality, meet the needs of consumers in life, and be willing to use appropriate consumption to meet the conditions for getting gifts. Very common are: tea cups, umbrellas, kitchenware, home textiles, etc. However, this kind of gift is often used for promotion, so it must have other advantages.

For example, appearance. Both of these two kinds of facial expressions are very beautiful. The diamond cup is suitable for young girls’ aesthetics, and the thermal cup is simple and generous, suitable for people of all ages, with a good texture.

For example, functions. The water cup that can be heated is especially suitable for winter. Smart night light is very convenient to get up at night, or you can light the night light at night without using headlights to save electricity.

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3.Seasonal gifts

This is to link practicality with seasons. Small fans and mat in summer; Warm hands, warm cups, etc. in winter. For consumers, this kind of product is better than none.


4.Customized gifts

Customization means that the gifts have the company’s culture, such as the company name and LOGO, which is a kind of publicity card that belongs to the company alone. For consumers, it is convenient here to deepen their impression of the brand. It can also play a good role in publicity and promotion.


The most important thing about promotional gifts is practicality. Only by meeting customers’ needs can we stimulate customers’ consumption and deepen their impression of the brand.

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Post time: Dec-05-2022