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  • 空路、海路、陸路多様な交通ネットワークを整備、スピーディな配送が実現可能。
    Develop air routes, sea roads, and various transportation networks,Speedy delivery can be realized.

You need to add a stylish keychain to your bag!

You need to add a stylish keychain to your bag!


Now not only do bags have to catch up with the trend, but even the keychains on the bags can’t lag behind others. Did you find it? Now girls like to hang a very eye-catching keychain on their bags, especially the fur balls are more popular! Today, I must recommend some keychains that are good-looking and fashionable to take off from some brands!


In fact, most young girls’ bag can often see different keychains, and she prefers fur balls, which are of various colors and styles. Sometimes she wears two out of the street at once, which is very eye-catching.

Don’t look at many young girls usual aloofness and don’t like to laugh, but girls also prefer cute keychains, which are also very eye-catching when hanging on the bag, and instantly become a soft girl!

Recently, most young girls’ airport street shot, the FENDI hair ball hanging on the TOD’S big mouth bag can also make people notice at a glance, FENDI’s hair ball keychain is too popular, the point is that you can also choose to customize your own hair ball.


The color-blocked fur balls are also loved by fashionistas, and they are completely the eye-catching part of your matching.

The bright colors are eye-catching and are also very suitable for dark tones in autumn and winter, neutralizing the overall matching tone.

The small bag is equipped with an oversized keychain, so that it is also 100% turn heads when you go out!


Post time: Sep-01-2022