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Tote Bag, Printed, Cute, Zipper, Cotton Tote Bag

Simple Description:

Sail sack, cotton sack, oxford sack, polyester sack, apron, cotton sack can be ordered and linen sack, canvas sack, sail sack will be customized Advertising gift promotion
Pure cotton Pure cotton cloth has good hygroscopicity and breathability, the surface of the cloth is soft and the texture is soft, but it is not smooth.
There are small magazines such as rice dumplings on the surface of the cloth, which are prone to wrinkles, so hold them firmly with your hands and then loosen the meeting to create obvious creases.
Spinned cotton emphasizes the style of spun cotton, has the advantages of cotton fabric, and in dry and wet conditions, it has good elasticity and abrasion resistance, and its dimensions are stable.
A small water shrinkage rate is characterized by being difficult to stretch, easy to wash wrinkles, and easy to dry.

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Product name Tote bag
Reference price 0.5-5USD
Number of initial lots 500PCS
Deadline 5 days after ordering
OEM Possible
Producing area China
Others With packaging

Product Benefits

Determining the size of the handbag:

First, the size of the appearance of the carrying bag must be determined, but the volume standard of the carrying bag is strictly related to the volume of the article actually contained, and if it is too large, the paper material is wasted and it is too small. Difficult to pack and take.

How? Of course, you have to think about how to save the most space first, but do you want to make it horizontal or vertical? Here, we consider the size of the printing paper, but there are some that are not long enough when packed horizontally. Handbags should avoid semi-printing, reduce steps, save paper, and reduce bonding steps. Of course, if you exceed the range of paper both horizontally and vertically, you can only stick two sheets to one bag!

When the printing area of ​​paper is permitted, vertically long ones are generally packed vertically, and for example, a handbag for liquor packaging or a gift bag for cigarettes is adopted. Also, I found one for women. Women's cosmetics and clothing are generally packed vertically, while men's cosmetics and clothing are often packed horizontally, such as tea leaves and moon cakes. There are two cigarette-wrapped handbags on the market, two in the vertical direction, four in the horizontal direction, four in the vertical direction, and five in the vertical direction. I personally like to pack vertically, easy to take, and relatively clean, as opposed to a gift bag in a cigarette box!

Determine the number and placement of items, weigh the maximum size of the item, and then start determining the size of the handbag. Generally, make it longer in the length direction (about 10 mm) and longer in the width direction (about 5 mm). In opposition to the exaggerated wrapping, he looks like a gift bag in a cigarette wrap, with two loose. It looks like space, you can't put 3 or 4 in it, it takes materials, and it's not interesting. Just put in two handbags and make the circumference a little wider. As you can see, the bag is small, but it feels very realistic. The gift is really satisfying. I don't think it's stingy!

After the external dimensions of the carrying bag have been determined, the drawing of the sword plate must be started. You must first start designing the draft without rushing. It is rare to draw a sword plate first, at least draw an indentation line, confirm the sword plate first, and then correct the internal drawing. Every time the drawing moves, you have to adjust the internal drawing.

Material Polyester MOQ 300pcs
Design Customize Sample time 10 days
Colour Customize Production time 30 days
Size Customize Packing Customize
logo Customize Payment terms T/T(telegraohic transfer)
Origin China Down payment deposit 50%
Our advantage: Years of professional experience; integrated service from design to production; rapid response; good product management; quick production and proofing.

Second, drawing the sword plate drawing

Drawings for the handbag knife version can be drawn with CAD software, or with software such as AI, FH, and CD. It depends on the features of the design staff. The order of the drawings is to first draw a large surface, draw glue openings and other creases, adjust the details, and finally check the dimensions.

The four sides of 1, ①②③④ are the ones that we must first determine the dimensions. Generally, the width L of the side ① is 0.5-1 mm smaller than the width A of the side ③, and it easily sticks to the carrying bag and folds inward. At the same time, the sticking surface shrinks inward and the edges are prevented from approaching the creases so that the sticking is not tight.

Due to the width A of 2 and ③, the angle of K is 45 °, so the distance of B is half the width of A.

3. Half the width G of one side paper at the bottom of the carrying bag is 1.5 times B, which mainly guarantees the strength of the adhesive, and this distance can be adjusted by the size of the actual printing paper. It does not affect the appearance dimensions of the handbag. However, it must be at least half the width A of the three locations. Otherwise, both sides will not stick together. Of course it is smaller than the width of A.

4, Half the width of glue port F is 20 mm, but less than half of A! There is a glue line on the glue port, so it must be shown. Avoid sticky threads at the bleeding site (3-5 mm) of the sticky mouth. It can be appropriately reduced according to the paper width.

5. The height P of the crease on the carrying bag is generally 30-40 mm. At least 5 mm larger than the edge distance of the rope hole.

6. The distance from the upper edge of the rope hole is generally 20-25 mm. There is no fixed limit. Drilling holes is to avoid important textual parts so as not to affect the appearance. The distance of the fingertips through the two rope holes is generally 2/3 of the width of the handbag. Note The layout has 8 rope holes and the top edges are symmetrical! Remember the top 4 rope holes when drawing.

7. When drawing the drawing, pay attention to the side and the crease of the adhesive! Otherwise, it will be difficult to fold the box.

8. Specify the weight or thickness of the paper, and the sword mill can mainly determine the height of the sword and line. The general paper for handbags is 250 g-300 g of jam paper, the thickness of 250 g of white card paper is generally about 0.31 mm, and the thickness of 300 g of white card paper is generally about 0.4 mm.

9. Specify the direction of the bite, and the bite of the knife plate and the bite of the print are easy to match.

10. The dimensions are clearly displayed and the arrows point to the position. Check carefully when the display is finished, and at least match the local lengths in the same direction to make it equal to the total length!

Third, exterior design and establishment of crafts

1. The appearance design should generally match the color and style of the object. General designers believe that there is no problem. You should embody the characteristics of the industry.

2. Avoid the main text of the front and back design with creases! It is better not to have the text at the intersection of some crease lines on the side. Otherwise, the creases will affect it. Design a cigarette bag to avoid the creases on the other side.

3. If the paper of the carrying bag and the paper of the packaging material on the inner surface do not match, the appearance should be as close as possible.

4, The cover film is flat, especially the light cover film, the adhesive application is uneven, and it is easy to use!

Manufacturing Description

When making a tote bag, first select the main body. Clarify who you are going to distribute to and what kind of scene you are planning to use, and choose the color, size, and shape of the bag that suits your purpose.
In the sales promotion style, we have a lineup of more than 1000 items for bags alone, so you will surely find a product that suits your purpose, such as cheap items, shapes, and types.
Eco-bags for sales promotion will be highly effective only if they are used. In order for the bag to be used, it is very important that the bag itself is easy to use and that the design is easy to use on a daily basis. In the sales promotion style, we have prepared a bag that can be named for various printing methods from single color printing to full color printing such as inkjet, so you can freely design the range.

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