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  • 空路、海路、陸路多様な交通ネットワークを整備、スピーディな配送が実現可能。
    Develop air routes, sea roads, and various transportation networks,Speedy delivery can be realized.

Silicon Products

  • Silicone Pouch, Keychain, Wallet, Bag, Case, Coin

    Silicone Pouch, Keychain, Wallet, Bag, Case, Coin

    a, The product design is unique, the design is diverse, the rubber uneven logo can be hung down, the logo of the print can be designed, the color is vivid, the design is clear, the image is real is
    b, Non-slip insulation is good, and it is comfortable without leaving fingerprints.
    c, healthy and environmentally friendly, no offensive odor, earthquake resistant, mold resistant, sunscreen, wear resistant and slippery, aging resistant, corrosion resistant, long lasting;
    d, elegant and beautiful, soft and comfortable, can be placed on its own, soundproof is insulated and easy to wash (can be washed with fresh water and can be used repeatedly);
    f, the size of the shape can be selfish, the tear strength is high, the flatness is good, the temperature resistance is high;